Hello Pannun Players, i want to announce that this Pannun Flash Project will quit in either October or November. That does not mean Pannun will stop because we will forward to a new game Panfu.World, which is made by Christiaan(christb) because i do not support flash anymore.

Welcome to Pannun!

Pannun is a friendly, virtual online world where kids can play games, learn Spanish and make new friends.

Help and instructions

Are you finding it difficult to find your way around? On our 'Help' pages there are answers to all your questions about Panfu. Whether it is about the games, your panda or the many events in Panfu - you will find help here!

When our children surf the Internet, they should, above all, be having fun and surfing content which corresponds to their age and development. In the virtual world of Panfu, young Internet users between the ages of 8 and 12 years will find a wide range of free and child-appropriate online games including a safe and supervised chat tool ,learn Spanish and the option to care for a virtual pet. Every child in Panfu can individually stylize their own panda and set up and decorate their own tree-house. Creativity is particularly encouraged in Panfu. Panfu is colourfully designed and advertisement free to members (Gold Pandas). In addition to the exciting online games children will also have the chance to socialise with children of their age through chatting and developing friendships. Parents can take a virtual tour of Panfu, which provides an overview of all the games and learning possibilities. With free Browser games which will stimulate dexterity and reflexes, and the character of Penelope Penny Panda helps the children to learn Spanish words and their pronunciation in ways appropriate for children that are both natural and fun.